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Whether you need it or you deserve it
Who cares if the system thinks that you earned it
You know your rights, you know they can’t stop it
So just grab a handful and stick it in your pocket
Convenience robbery is a tax paid to me
I don’t believe in money, I can take just what I need
Try to play it cool, don’t look over your shoulder
And don’t worry ‘bout what your mama told ya
You don’t need no big suitcase, you don’t need no disguise
The only giveaway is in your eyes
They say it’s a jungle, every day is a struggle
These days just getting by means more than buy, buy, buy
Some might think I’m a jerk but I’m creating work
And if it weren’t for me, no jobs in security
Naw, we don’t need no cash to get us stuff
You got a smooth pair of hands and that’s enough


from 666 Volts, released March 20, 2016




Android Beach Party Tokyo, Japan

A surf-inspired grunge trio who aurally interpret outer space, rockets, robots and video games. They shamelessly soil the good names of their fore-fathers: Man or Astroman, Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Satan's Pilgrims, Reverend Horton Heat, Tijuana Bibles. Eddie Van Halen once testified "Some people say, a song without words isn’t a song. You tell that to Beethoven, and he’d kick your ass." ... more

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